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Photos and videos

Mad River
Mad River Steelhead Release
Loleta Elementary 4th Grade

Scotia Aquarium
1st Grade Loleta School
Be the Fish Video

Student film
Scotia Aquarium Movie
by Hydesville Filmmaker Jase
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Single Salmon
Single Salmon Video by Brett Lovelace

2 Males Jousting Video by Eric Stockwell
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Ascendor Video
The Strength of the Salmon Video
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Eric Stockwell Photos

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Eric Start

Carcus Head

Salmon Roe

carcass head

online link
10 Incredible Salmon Facts
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Video-large school of steelhead and native rainbow trout on the upper Van Duzen River

Turtle Video

Salmon Run
Salmon Run at Grizzly Creek Video

Friends of the Van Duzen - Generation to Generation
Friends of the Van Duzen
Generation to Generation Video

Shane Anderson

Filmmaker Shane Anderson stands in the middle of the Van Duzen River, a tributary of the Eel River during the filming of
“A River’s Last Chance".
Click here to view the 5 minute trailer for the movie

kitw III

Planting willows in the riparian zone of the Van Duzen River, Fall of 2009
Planting willows in the riparian zone
of the Van Duzen River, Fall of 2009

Eel River Estuary - Sniff Test
Eel River Estuary

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Eel River Estuary Clean Up
Estuary Clean up
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Lower Cummings Creek Fall
Lower Cummings Creek
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Van Duzen Watershed Project
Featured Person

The Van Duzen River Watershed
Humboldt County, California

The river cascades through 70 miles of Coastal Mountains, from an elevation of 5,906 feet at the headwaters, to its confluence with the Eel River at an elevation of 62 feet.
The Van Duzen has been federally designated as a "Wild and Scenic River", but also has been listed as "sediment impaired" under section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act.

Van Duzen River

The Van Duzen River basin is the site of redwood parks, ranches, timberlands, and residential neighborhoods.


Nurturing Nature at Loleta Elementary School 2023

Loleta Cover

Nurturing Nature Loleta Elementary School 2023

Water Monitoring 2022

Temperature Probe Study Data

  1. Main Stem Van Duzen at Riverside
  2. Main Stem Van Duzen at Shakefork
  3. Main Stem Van Duzen at Rainbow Bridge
  4. Upper Yager Creek


2021-2022 Grants
Clyde and Kevin

Trees Foundation Cereus Grant

    Click on Picture for more information2021
    Generation Genius:The Next Generation
    in Science Videos

2021 Grant

McLean Foundation
Team Van Duzen

Van Duzen River Water Monitoring and Tadpole Study May 18th, 2021


Leela, Sal, Malachi, Santino, and Clyde

Trees Foundation - Cereus Grant
Nurturing Nature - 2020

2018 - 2019
Dr. Bill Shapiro and The Young Scientists

Trees Foundation - Cereus Grant

Rose Foundation
Rose Foundation Grant

Rose Foundation Grant

Kids In The Woods III The Young Scientists:
The Next Generation

Summer Workshop

Kids in The Woods III Watershed Study
Kids In The Woods II The Young Scientists:
The Next Generation
Summer/Fall 2016
Healthy Streams Grant

McLean Foundation - 2014

Healthy Streams Grant

Healthy Streams

Kids In The Woods

Junior Watershed Science Training Program

Watch the News Channel 3 Video
Courtesy of Robyn Ridpath

'More Kids in the Woods' program encourages students, teaches watershed ecology.


Open House at the Carlotta Grange Monday Feb.3rd, 2014
from 5:00 - 7:30

Click Here for Flyer
*Science Exhibits and Art Show*


Young Scientists

Cuddeback Elementary School, Carlotta, CA.



Poetry in Motion



Final Report

Humboldt Area Foundation

Ruby Kennedy Memorial Field of Interest Fund

" Making a Home for the Salmon"

Salmon catching fly

Fish Counts 2010-2011
Art and Education
Eel River
Yager Creek
Little Larabee Creek

The Van Duzen Watershed Project

Salmon Watch on the Van Duzen River

Salmon Tales read about salmon sightings and other tales.

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Salmon Watch 2023

Drone Photos
by Eric Stockwell


photo 1


Spawning Salmon Nov.20, 2022 by Pat Higgins,
Eel River Reecovery Project

Big Mama Thumbnail

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video thumbnail
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chinook spawning
Chinook Salmon in Outlet Below Long Valley Creek
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circling thumbnail
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* Most Recent News, Articles, and Reports *

Friends of the Van Duzen
PO Box 274
Carlotta, CA 95528


Resource Guide for Parents,Students, and Teachers

A guide to outdoor education at home and at school during the pandemic time specializing in Outdoor Journaling.

Teacher Guide to Water Resources from the Humboldt County office of Education Advanced Landscapes on Water

Salmon and Steelhead Reports

Report on the ecology and distribution of steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in California’s Eel River, By Samatha Kannry

NOAA Fisheries Salmon Recoveries Plan (Oct, 2016)

Poetry in Motion

Van Duzen Voice
Now available

Va;n Duzen Voice

171 page book of Poems and Stories by Students in the
Van Duzen Watershed

Eel River Expressions
Now available

Eel River Expressions

80 page book of Poems
by Students from
Loleta Elementary School

Kids in the Woods - Art Gallery

Chinook Impressions

Eel River Recovery Project
Late Lower Eel River Dive

Click Here to view PDF

Pat Higgins, Consulting Fisheries Biologist
Eel River Recovery Project

See videos, reports, photos and the Movie "Resilience"
Click on the Picture.

Mateel Water Day Press Release

Van Duzen News
News Archives
Views of the River

Michael Guerriero
Michael Guerriero
Photo by Mona Krupski

It was a beautiful day, with blue sky and our goal was to paddle a pair of sea kayaks on this 12 mile reach to the Eel River, then the 3 miles of Fortuna. . . .

Click Here to read the rest of the story

Photo Galleries

Cumming Creek - Ethan Bertz
Cummings Creek - Photo by Ethan Bertz

Artistic Photography
by Ethan Bertz

Photo Gallery Archives

Friends of the Van Duzen River
PO Box 274
Carlotta, CA 95528

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